Golang Application Performance Monitoring with Elastic APM

Image referenced from https://www.elastic.co/blog/elastic-apm-6-5-0-released

Elastic APM Installation

Running the APM server
WEB UI for the Kibana Elastic APM Server
APM Menu from left sidebar, Observability, APM

Writing the Golang Application

the main function
span, ctx := apm.StartSpan(c.Request.Context(), "PingHandler", "request")defer span.End()// add the below lines// let say for example you get some metadata of the request payload heretoken := c.Query("token")username := c.Query("username")trx := apm.TransactionFromContext(ctx)trx.Context.SetCustom("request_param", map[string]string{"token":    token,"username": username,})
Custom span is added on the bottom of the transaction details



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