Being Better — Be a Proactive Person


For those of you who have read “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey, you should have already familiar this term, but for those of you who haven’t, then this reading is for you. I would like to share a quick materials why being a proactive person is very important in your life. This writing is an extension from the book knowledge and my personal experience.

Proactive and Reactive People

There are two categories of people, proactive and reactive. The basic differences can be seen here

Example Difference on Real Life Problems

Benefit of Being Proactive Person

  1. More positive thinking, and less negative thinking. Implicitly reduce stress from all the negative thinking.
  2. Have concrete plan and goal on what to do / improve.
  3. Busy getting yourself “productive” for improving every aspect of your life
  4. Having a lot more chance on being superior than most people. Because proactive people always look, focus, and improve things they can control, rather than complaining about things they cannot control / change.




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